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World Sustainability Collective

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

Uniting Sustainable Businesses

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

Gain a voice in the world’s
sustainability debate

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

Walking with a friend in the dark is
better than alone in the light

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

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Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Removal

World Sustainability Collective Live Online Event

2nd August 2022 at 8am UK time

World Sustainability Collective

There’s a reason why you started your business…

You want to have a successful business that positively contributes to the sustainability of the planet.

It’s important that you gain clients that benefit from your offering and your business grows quickly and significantly in support of them.

You want a business that will increase your visibility, your impact in the world, & your income.

You want to ditch the inefficiencies and slow growth and feel confident in building your business better, bigger, bolder so it’s a true reflection of you and the purpose for your work.

You want solid foundations in your business so you can have more time to spend with your loved ones, provide for them & ultimately make that big positive sustainability impact.

Seems out of your reach?

It’s not!
I want you to know that it’s 100% achievable for you. I know, because I have been responsible for business turnarounds and international growth. And it’s why I founded the World Sustainability Collective. Its purpose is to reach a level of membership engagement that gives you a voice in the world sustainability stage that is not available to you as an individual business. As we grow the Collective together, we will fund events selected by you, and your fellow members, that showcase your businesses to a global audience and allow you to educate and change attitudes towards sustainability in line with your purpose. There are 10 experienced and quality business mentors to support you in providing positive solutions across the spectrum of your business’s activity. They and a member’s platform within the website on which you can share your profile, message internally others, form support groups and set up events are only a click away!

Please join now. Membership is only £30+Tax(where applicable) per month paid annually.

What is inside the Member's Area - Watch this video

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How Does The Collective Work?

Helping Businesses Worldwide Make a Larger Sustainable Impact Now


We collect data from member surveys and select one of their most popular topics to be addressed by a mentor experienced in that topic. There is a presentation, followed by a Q&A and all recorded and stored in an online library for future reference by existing and new member.


Some of the member topics will be addressed more in detail in a Learning Circle of maximum 10 people. They will have a facilitated conversation on the topic and create their own action plan. They will hold one another accountable for its delivery.


The website has a number of facilities for members to connect, ask questions and form groups around topics enabling peer support and mentoring. This adds to the Collective Power of events and activities that creates a powerful voice for making a positive Sustainability change happen.


The Collective Power will include the events and fund activities selected by members, in order to educate and change attitudes thereby gaining more Sustainability businesses and showcasing member businesses. Ultimately this Collective Power will give members a significant voice in the overall Sustainability arena.


It takes more energy to make 1 kg of paper than it takes to make 1 kg of steel


Around 16,000 litres of water is consumed to make just 1 kg of beef


Switching from the font ‘Arial’ to ‘Century Gothic’ saves 30% ink on printing


1 tonne of CO2 is enough to power a UK light bulb for 10 years


Repair or upcycle items to lower your consumption and reduce waste


World Sustainability Collective will support you in the better execution of more efficient business models that have sustainability at their core. We will ensure that your business has a secure base that will ensure success in contributing to a positive impact on the world’s Sustainability. It will support you and your staff to enable them to achieve this.


We want to see positive Sustainability businesses grow as effectively as possible. With guidance from mentors and peers, we will offer support for scaling your business models. We will offer advice on how to go about obtaining the necessary funding and facilitating funding access.


In the future the world needs positive Sustainability business models, so why not step into it bolder by expanding the scope of your business idea – or even adding new ideas. We will help by constructively challenging your business model

If you like the concept and would like to get involved then please

Membership is only £30+Tax/month, paid annually. It includes full use of the website including the Library, Groups, Forums, Mentoring Programs etc. as shown in this video.