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Uniting Sustainable Businesses

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

Gain a voice in the world’s
sustainability debate

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

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World Sustainability Collective

Uniting businesses with a positive sustainable business model or who plan to have one

World Sustainability Collective’s purpose is to unite sustainable businesses like yours worldwide and for you to gain a significant voice in the world’s sustainability debate to make a greater collective impact than individually.

This eclectic group of people and businesses will form a movement that educates and changes attitudes so that others will be inspired to join with sustainable business ideas of their own and, at the same time, improve your own business performance and showcase your business to a global audience.

This is a “not for profit”, member driven, Collective that supports delivery of the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals (SDGs). It seeks to promote solving environmental and social problems economically, not creating them.  

What value will you capture from Collective membership?

Build Business Better Bigger Bolder

You will receive support across all aspects of your business in order that its impact on the planet’s sustainability (and its financial performance) is maximised.   


Better in effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of your business to maximise impact on your customers, staff, profitability, cash flow, investment and external funding for maximising growth. 


Bigger impact because you are growing and scaling your business with our Collective mentor’s support. Your business model will be designed to ensure it fits your growth ambitions. Mentoring will support your understanding of funding opportunities and how to maximise successfully obtaining the necessary funding.


Bolder because you will be both challenged and supported to maximise the scope of your sustainable business idea and the sustainability impact of your business now and in future.


It takes more energy to make 1 kg of paper than it takes to make 1 kg of steel


Around 16,000 litres of water is consumed to make just 1 kg of beef


Switching from the font ‘Arial’ to ‘Century Gothic’ saves 30% ink on printing


1 tonne of CO2 is enough to power a UK light bulb for 10 years


Repair or upcycle items to lower your consumption and reduce waste

How we will provide value to our members?

Collective Power

You have networking opportunities to provide one another with support, to build synergistic partnerships and find business opportunities on your member web platform. The web platform has extensive functionality to support your networking communications and connectivity.

Your business will benefit by improving business performance through the Build Business Better Bigger Bolder offering from quality, experienced mentor support that provides value to your business in both delivery, scalability and growth, as well as optimising the scope of your original idea.

This mentoring programme is driven by members inputting their needs and challenges into the programme. The mentoring will be delivered either in the form of Webinar Presentation and Q&A sessions or as Learning Circles.

Purpose Planet Podcast launched to highlight member businesses and to engage with other thought leaders in the sustainability arena.

Learning circles are 6 to 10 people who wish to explore a topic in detail together in a deep dive facilitated discussion that results in each member detailing an action plan and held accountable for its delivery by the other members.

Events every 2 months to highlight an aspect of sustainability and involve non-members in the debate.

The monthly Newsletter features the Collective’s activities as well as members in the Podcast section and Mentors profiles.

You have access to Blogs on all aspects of business improvement and sustainability.

You will have access to the Library which curates all the past mentoring presentations, mentor material that supports your business performance development.

The World Sustainability Collective will use its funds to hold a Global Conference annually. You will input into the nature of the Conference that will showcase your business as well as hearing from Key Speakers on a range of sustainability topics. The Conference will aim to educate and change attitudes of a wider audience and persuade others to develop sustainable business ideas and join the Collective”.

Well, that’s going to be expensive! £2000 or £3000 per year?


Its £360 plus tax per year and no hidden extras to pay after you join!

Our Mentors

They cover the whole spectrum of running a business

A CIPD qualified HR professional and an accredited EMCC coach

Sustainable commercial and operational excellence in Procurement activities

Creates a sustainable business strategy linked to operational excellence

A very experienced finance, contract and risk management professional

A qualified coach and investor who helps prepare businesses to attract the right investors

Over 25 years of sales and marketing experience with P&G, Kellogs and AG Bar

An Operational Improvement Specialist


Development of innovation strategies and the transformation in capability required to deliver them.

Supply Chain expertise for peak efficiency


Have a sneak preview of the member’s platform!

The benefits and features of the member site are described briefly in this short video

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