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What will allow us to achieve renewable energy?

Can you imagine a future where we all have affordable renewable energy?

What do you think will allow us to achieve this dream?

It’s the UN’s 7th Sustainability Development Goal to have affordable clean energy but how?

Well plug into the sun!

We all know about solar panels and some of us have them on our roofs or in our gardens but is it the answer? They take up space and, in some cases, replace valuable land that we need for food and increased biodiversity!

What if you could apply a transparent solar film onto an existing building’s window that generates electricity to power that building using natural and synthetic light? Its transparent and so doesn’t affect the window’s performance and its claimed to outperform solar panels by 50 times

Imagine that solution – it could transform the energy markets overnight and power all our cities, towns and villages without any massive infrastructure changes or costs

It could also charge ancillary systems on trucks, boats and aircraft and enable the existing drive systems to provide extended mileage

It can be deployed in rural communities everywhere in the world

So what am I talking about? Is it fiction?

No, its a reality – a company has developed this technology and is developing its manufacturing base right now!

Do you think this form of solar is our long-term energy future?

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