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What is the World Sustainability Collective?

World Sustainability Collective Logo with Registered Trademark

The COP26 conference has ended with many good intentions being confirmed by many countries but how many will be actioned now?

Do you want to make an impact on the World’s sustainability?

Does your business have a positive sustainability business model?

The World Sustainability Collective has been founded to help you and others like you increase your impact now!

The “Collective” is a virtual membership business model designed with several benefits

It will create a funding surplus as soon as possible. This surplus will be used by the members to hold events and support causes that will educate and change attitudes

This will benefit the planet because more people will create businesses that have a positive sustainability model. It will benefit the members because they can showcase their businesses at these events and access worldwide audiences

The more members the bigger the surplus and the bigger the impact on the planet and for members!

In addition, members will receive mentoring from experienced businesspeople across the spectrum of business practices

This mentoring programme is driven by the members inputting issues that are relevant to them now

It will be delivered via webinars within the website by mentors presenting topics and holding Q&A sessions. It will be recorded and stored in a private library.

Deep dives into topics will be in small groups (learning circles) facilitated by a mentor and members will draw up action plans and will hold each other accountable for delivering them. Members can arrange 121 mentoring if desired too

The members section of the website allows them to write a profile and message each other as well as holding events and forming topic groups with other members. We call this “Collective Power”

All this for £30 per month plus tax paid annually!

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