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What is Green Hydrogen?

The EU is to spend €470 million on its production

China has a target to supply 1 million vehicles with it by 2030

What is it? Green Hydrogen!

There are a number of competing systems for zero emission vehicles and the electric car is a familiar sight already on our roads. However batteries are an issue particularly for heavy truck transport vehicles

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable electricity – Grey Hydrogen uses fossil fuel electricity. If Green Hydrogen is used in fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) it produces no carbon emissions in heavy transport vehicles. Today a 190kW fuel cell can haul a 36 tonne truck-trailer 400 km on a single refill that takes 8 minutes

These stats make it attractive both in the USA and Europe where it is being introduced in a project in Switzerland. Hyundai has 36 trucks in operation and has a joint venture to establish a hydrogen distribution system

The USA is attractive for the FCEV Heavy Truck as hauliers travel long distances. Development by Heavy Truck manufacturers could mean that there are trucks capable of 1000 km per single refuel. California has mandated 30% of heavy duty truck sales be zero emissions by 2030

Do you see Hydrogen vehicles in our long-term energy future?

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