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Water is gold – Part 1

Water is gold

Water is gold!


The world’s population has past 7 billion and is predicted by some to reach 9 billion by 2050. Not only are the numbers increasing but their aspirations are too

The existing business models are not designed to take account of environmental and social impact and the world’s finite resources are under threat.

Yes but water is not finite it rains and this recycles the vast oceans abundant supply!

Well not quite

Climate change is affecting where the rain falls and some are having too much and some too little. We have witnessed the floods in the UK and droughts in Australia and Africa.

Also the great rivers that supply water for agriculture as well as domestic needs are being dammed upstream. In future wars maybe started because of water supply and not oil as in the past

Do we need to have a different way of capturing and distributing water to areas of demand? Does industry and agriculture need to conserve and recycle water more efficiently?

Perhaps the Israeli process of desalination could be more widely used?

Maybe we should treat water as a true commodity and price and trade it accordingly?

Do you think we need to have a fundamental re-think of how we value water?

Water is golden

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