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The Truth About Recycling

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Did you see it? It was in the Times yesterday 11th November!

It was a whole page spread

An open letter to Boris Johnson from Raffi Schleir who is the founder and director of Bantam Materials UK. The company is a recycled material supplier of Prevented Ocean Plastic

He was responding to a comment from Boris that recycling doesn’t work. Here is part of what the letter said

“Yes, there are challenges but recycling can work at a meaningful scale and protect our marine life and oceans in the process

Recycling is not the act of putting plastic in the recycling bin. Sadly only a small proportion is dealt with properly and most is sent ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to poorer nations

Recycling is about a circular economy. We must collect and clean up what’s in our natural environment and bring these materials back into use through recycled products – clearly labelled to consumers as a better lower-emission choice. But it will only work if people buy the collected plastic back

We know consumers prefer products with recycled packaging. But over the past decade no global brand has used more than 10% recycled plastics in their products. Yet to produce a bottle or pack from recycled plastic only costs around one tenth of a penny more than making it from new plastic

And so recycling struggles in developing countries but the circular economy can work if we combine progressive business with consumer behaviour to ‘choose recycled’

Thousands of essential products from home cleaning to personal care items and food can all be packaged in recycled materials

In April 2022 a new UK regulation will require a minimum of 30%
Recycled content in plastic packaging – so big brands must ramp up their use of recycled plastics to avoid penalties. I am sure they are pressing you to delay these policies: I implore you to not waiver”
Schleir goes on to invite Boris to visit his facility

Would you insist on buying only products packaged in 30% recycled materials?

We as consumers will be instrumental in changing behaviours by our own daily actions!

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