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Sustainable Consumerism – is this our future or an oxymoron?

Sustainable Consumerism – is this our future or an oxymoron?

What do you think?

The world’s population is growing and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 but more importantly the population is also growing in its aspirations

This combined growth is going to exert tremendous pressure on our climate, nature ecosystems, natural resources, social systems and behaviours

However Governments and “big business” appears not to have the stomach to challenge totally the existing paradigms that damage the planet and widen gaps in our social circumstances

We feel helpless – we don’t see an answer

This is where we need to take a look at our own actions

Individually we can calculate our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it

We can start businesses that focus on providing goods or services that have net zero or positive carbon footprints and supply chains having less impact environmentally and socially

We can support ESG (Environment Social Governance) funds that seek out these businesses to support with investment

We can form a Collective of businesses that make a positive sustainability impact and together has a voice large enough to be heard, will provide mentoring to members and fund initiatives that improve the planet’s sustainability

We aim to launch such a Collective on 27th October 2021!

Would you join such a Collective?

You can express your interest by following the link in the comments below!

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