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Steven Smith

Steve Smith - Mentor

Steve graduated in Business Studies at the University of Sheffield and joined the sales department at Procter & Gamble in 1990. After a decade of blue chip learning and development he moved to Kellogg’s in a variety of senior sales and marketing roles. Then, for fifteen years he was sales director at AG Barr plc, makers of Scotland’s ‘other’ national drink, IRN-BRU.

Steve set up Higher Plane Consulting in 2020 and also operates as an advisor under the Business Doctors banner helping business owners and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in his local area.  Business Doctors focus on strategic planning, sales and marketing but also provide hands on support in implementation – they don’t just coach, they get on the pitch.

He is an accomplished, but down to earth commercial leader with a passion for sales and showing that anyone can sell with the right tools and coaching. Steve has considerable experience in his field and is keen on sharing this to help others. After a successful career selling fast moving consumer goods (mostly in plastic packaging) and leading large teams, he is driven by helping to shine a light on great leadership and ensure organisations include the impact activities have on the planet in their decision making processes.

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