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Launching New Ideas

Ideas by World Sustainability Collective

How many ideas have you had that got nowhere?


New ideas can be regarded as crimes against the established order. They involve change. People feel that anything that alters the existing situation undermines them!

Here are 10 thoughts that may help

·      Never assume that people want ideas merely because they say so. They may not want change

·      Don’t think others think the way you do. It may alter their concept of your idea

·      Do want your idea accepted or do you want the credit? Unlikely you’ll get both

·      Arrange for someone else to have your idea! Seed the thought and nurture it in others

·      Be relaxed. Point out some downsides and let others sort them out

·      Don’t confuse people. Too many ideas can cause panic

·      However sometimes throwing out decoy ideas as this allows them to be attacked and destroyed leaving space for the real idea to be accepted

·      Don’t overstress originality. Give people time to get used to it

·      Make it the idea as watertight as you can

·      Give your idea a warm emotional appeal. Perhaps that the competition may beat us to it!

Do you think you can launch more ideas now?

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