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Jon Bennett

Jon Bennet - WSC Mentor

I believe leaders in emerging businesses need to have great financial and economic insights. Not accounting and detailed budgets but insights. With the changes in markets dynamics, new technologies and rapidly growing business, traditional financial markers are like driving a car through a rear vision mirror. Budgets set 12 months ago mean nothing when we have the rate of changes we are currently experiencing.

I specialise in helping leader develop simple and dynamic financial forward curves. I also work with linking these economic drivers to the strategy so that the great leaders can be 6 to 12 months further ahead of the game. Needing to adjust and adapt in today’s world has never been a stronger virtue and to be truly sustainable, it starts with confidence in financial viability.

The other area of specialisation is that of understanding the risks your business is facing and
deciding how to deal with them.

My background covers a wide range from large multi nationals, medium size local and regional
businesses, and small boutique businesses. In addition to the commercial sector, I have extensive
experience in the not for profit who from have the greatest need for understanding their business
financial drivers. This includes the arts sector, faith based, and charities.