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Importance of trees in the battle to avert climate change and global warming

Plant a tree or grow a meadow to help with the environment

We all know the importance of trees in the battle to avert climate change and global warming – don’t we?

Well yes, the UK Government has pledged to plant over a billion trees by 2050 in its plan to reach Net Zero. But is it as easy as that?

Can we “offset” our behaviour by joining a “plant a tree” organisation?

Well maybe if it’s the right organisation and the Woodland Trust could be that organisation. They have recently published a Guide to Woodland Creation with the mantra “right tree in the right place for the right reason in the right way”.

That means a painstaking amount of research and due diligence on the land on which the woodland or forest is to be planted. They have to understand what different species exist and what habitats need to be retained and improved.

So, a masterplan may include thicker planting on upper slopes feathering out across lower grasslands, with scrub and occasional Scots Pine sheltering black grouse that nest among the highmost tufts and rocks.

Further down in the valley new willows will shade the stream and shore up its banks that support fish and otters on to the wet meadows loved by lapwings, curlews and other waders.

They have identified 3 designs to help diversify major woodland creation:

  • Closely wooded groves
  • Intermediate open wooded habitat
  • Grassy or scrubby glades with scattered trees

They have a target of planting 50 million trees by 2025

Do you support the planting of trees?

How do you do that?

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