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How do you treat people in change processes?

How do you treat people in change processes?

We recruit very smart people to run the business but when it comes to change we don’t treat them that way.

We are surprised when those very skills that we recruited them for are being used within the organisation to figure out what we are doing and we don’t like being second guessed.

We don’t embrace them but keep them at arms length.

We are thinking about a change for months and we expect them to be on board straight away. We have the context all figured out but get exasperated because they don’t get it in a 2-hour presentation.

If you are involved in change then you must engage and empower all the people within the organisation.

Ask them to participate in the Case for Action itself. You will be surprised how much thought they have put into the business wherever they are in the organisation.

They know much more about how the business works in detail than you and so their input is invaluable.

Yes you have an overview and hold some important information and opinions. OK so share that too!

Recruit the most enthusiastic supporters of the change process to lead the project teams that deliver the changes.

Communicate constantly through a cascade of face-to-face meetings.

Do you have to manage change?

What’s your advice?

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