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Have you experienced peer pressure?

Peer pressure is a social phenomenon that affects everyone

It has a powerful influence on an individual’s choices, including work behaviour.

Ridicule, a form of peer pressure, humiliates and is particularly injurious.

Its directed at positive behaviour and has consequences that range from loss of workers’ self-respect to workplace violence.

Among young people, ridicule is often reserved for those who behave in a responsible manner, perhaps to work safely.

Its not only the person ridiculed but also anyone watching who may be reluctant to use the procedure again.

The positive side to learning from your peers is called Peer Influence.

From earliest childhood, each instance of positive feedback and consideration of our wants and needs nurtures our positive sense of self.

The balance of our experience is positive. This inner resilience is “healthy self-esteem”.

Individuals pay attention to their own needs, wants and preferences and express themselves clearly and openly in their peer group.

An organisation that treats all workers with the respect it hopes their peers will extend to them, teaches them to accept no less.

We should aspire to create organisations with this positive respectful culture.

Have you experienced peer pressure?

Was it positive or negative?

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