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Hanne Rewaldt

Hanne Rewaldt - Mentor

I believe that every business, large or small, needs a strategic plan to ensure they have a clear path to grow and develop their business. In order for your plan to get you there, you need to make sure your plan is executable.

For 25 years I have worked with business strategy, business development, operation, and optimisation in large international corporates as well as consultancy. With a background as Business Engineer, I have worked throughout the entire value chain in technology-driven and highly competitive markets. Most of the time I have worked with renewable businesses in a politically regulated international market space.

Through the years I have learned what makes a strategic plan work and how to make sure it is executable. I have developed the methodology to tie the strategic planning to the daily operation that helps businesses actually create a sustainable business strategy.

In today’s fast-changing and globally connected market, your business needs a strong and flexible strategic plan to make sure you set your business up for sustainable growth. I help small and medium-sized businesses implement the methods and systematics to create strategic plans that are executable.