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Do you take time to research what someone says?

Do you take time to research what someone says?

I seldom do!

There’s so much to check for a start and anyway I’ve got things to do!

However recently I was reading a post and a statement from the University of Bath study caught my eye

It said “flying is one of the most carbon-emitting actions”

Now my son is a captain in an airline flying around the world. Its his livelihood and “careless talk means jobs!”

So I checked out the statement and found this data in the graphic below and established that flying accounts for 1.9% of emissions. I know its 2016 data but the relativity still stands I suggest

Now flying is below
ü 10.9% from residential homes
ü 11.9% from road traffic
ü 12.4% from manufacturing and construction
ü 11.8% from agriculture
ü 6.5% from land use change (including deforestation fires)

I know that our challenge is to reduce emissions across the board and flying is no exception. The airlines are using more efficient aircraft today but they will have to find even better solutions soon

What are we doing about our residential homes? Can we switch to emission free cars? How will the UK reach net zero emissions by 2050?

Do you contribute to reducing emissions?

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