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Bonfire on the beach.

Do you know what Charles Darwin believed to be the Human Race’s second best achievement? No, neither did I. Not until I read that it was our mastery of fire!

The discovery of fire shot us up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Warmth in our homes, heat to cook our food and fuelling the industrial revolution and progress.

It’s a far cry from just watching the flames dance around in our home fires giving us warmth and the beautiful glow that enables us to escape into our dreams.

But enough of that reverie!

Domestic fires brought with them pollution with pea souper fogs in our great cities. These were large airborne particles we could see in front of us that prevented us seeing anything else.

We adopted the Clean Air Act and cleaned up those cities but now it’s the small particles we can’t see that penetrate our lungs that are our concern.

Now we have legislation that bans all coal and wet logs as fuel in our domestic fires and log burners. We need to find cleaner alternatives.

And if you can’t find a suitable fuel then there are 4 films of roaring log fires you can watch on Netflix!

Oh, nearly forgot, do you want to know what Charles Darwin thought was the best achievement?

Language of course!

Have you sourced your clean fuel yet?

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