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Alan Birse

Alan Birse - WSC Mentor

Alan has been working in the field of Supply Chain Optimisation for over 13 years. As part of the global Expense Reduction Analysts Network, he works with a variety of different businesses, of all sizes, helping them to ensure they are getting best value from their suppliers in terms of Cost, Quality & Service.

Alan is an Electronics Engineer by profession, and spent over 25 years working in a variety of high tech companies across Europe and the USA. His experience covered design, manufacturing and customer support roles giving him an excellent understanding of all aspects of the Supply Chain, and the elements that need to be focussed on to help a business operate at peak efficiency.

With the added support of the ERA network, Alan has access to experts in many different categories of procurement, helping businesses to identify opportunities to reduce costs as well as reduce their environmental impact by designing the optimal Supply Chain for their specific business.